Golder Retriever

Golden Retriever

Yellow Retriever, Golden, Goldie, Russian Retriever

  • Very patient and sensitive with children
  • Excellent retriever and hunting dog
  • Very intelligent and easy to train
Group Sporting Group
Breed Description The Golden Retriever is a stunning, hardy, well-built solid dog with a wavy golden coat or cream coat. Know as a superior hunting dog, the Retriever has a highly developed scenting ability and is very intelligent (which makes it very easy to train). Loves the water, and has an instinct to for fetching and retrieving things for its master. The Retriever is calm, gentle and has a loyal nature which makes it the ideal breed for family. The Golden Retriever has a broad skull with a wide powerful muzzle, strong jaws (scissor bite), and a defined stomp. Its eyes are dark brown, surrounded by dark rims and are set wide apart – giving it a kind and friendly expression. Retrievers have well proportioned ears that are of medium size and are well set on. With a very deep chest, and laid back wide shoulders, the Golden Retriever it a well balanced powerful looking breed.
Temperament Very well-mannered, relaxed (but responsive) and reliable especially with children. Easy to train, obedient, intelligent watch dog which acts quickly and fearlessly in an emergency. The Golden Retriever has a calm temperament, and is friendly in nature both with other people and other pets. When the Golden is not relaxing, it is usually very energetic and loves the opportunity to exercise. Retriever’s love to swim, hunt, and retrieve – but most of all the Golden Retriever loves to be around people and is very affectionate.
Height/Weight 20-24 inches (51-61 cm) and weighs 60-80 pounds (27-36 kg)
Health Issues Very sturdy breed with only a few problems with joint and eye disease.
Life Expectancy 12 to 15 years
Exercise The Golden Retriever required exercise daily and regular grooming. It loves long walks and fetching balls or sticks, which makes maintaining this breed easy and fun.
Living Conditions This breed is a great choice for families and single people who like to spend quality time with their dog. It doesn’t mind being in an apartment but it will still need its regular exercise. Perfect with at least a medium sized yard to run around in.
Grooming The long-haired, smooth, slightly wavy coat is easy to groom. Using a strong bristled comb or brush, comb the dogs coat regularly.
Breed Origin The Golden Retriever breed was developed in the late 1800s in Great Britain by crossing a light-colored, yellow Flat-coat Retriever with the now-extinct Tweed Water Spaniel. It was once believed that Golden Retrievers were descended from performing Russian circus dogs (which is why it is sometimes known as the Russian Retriever), but this is not true.

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