Dog Training Classes

When it comes time to train your new puppy or dog, you are left with the dilemma as to which method of dog training is best for you. Some people prefer to train their dog themselves over sending their dog to a dog training school. The main advantage of taking on the responsibility of training your new puppy or dog yourself is that it’s the least expensive approach. The downside to training your puppy on you own is that it may be very time consuming and less effective as opposed to professional dog training. Most people recommend a dog training class as professional dog trainers known the best techniques for training different types of dogs.

For those of you who have decided you do not want to train your dog yourself and want to seek professional dog training, you are left with a few different options. A dog can be trained in a group setting (i.e. with other dogs), in a private setting (one on one with the dog trainer), or your dog can be sent away for rigorous training. Here are some guidelines to help you pick which method of dog training is best for you:

Group dog training is best if:

  • You are very flexible with the group schedule and you can make all the classes for three months – missing just one class can put your dog behind all the others
  • You re diligent and you have time to practice on your own
  • Your dog doesn’t have any serious behavior problems besides lacking discipline or manners

Private dog training is best if:

  • You can afford it
  • You don’t have a very flexible schedule
  • You want your dog to have a lot of personal attention
  • Your dog has aggression, house-training or obedience problems

Sending your dog away for training is best if:

  • You can afford the cost of training i.e. money is no object. Sending your dog away for training can cost some where around $1000 a week
  • You have absolutely no time to train your dog
  • You dog has some serious behavior problems you just can’t handle

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