Training Your Dog To Pee On Command

This section will teach you step-by-step how to train your dog to go potty on command.

Pee Dog Pee!

You may have noticed some people can get their dogs to relieve themselves whenever they tell them to. This is often referred to as “Going-on-Command”. Imagine being in a situation where you’re running late for an important meeting or you’ve just realized you need to run to the grocery store to pick up some last minute items before your guests arrive, but you’re tied up, waiting for the dog to go pee so you don’t find a surprise on your floor when you get home. This is no doubt very frustrating, but this can all be avoided by training your dog to go on command.

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to train a puppy to do this. Below are some steps on how to train your puppy or dog to go on command.

  • Bring your puppy to the spot where they frequently relieve themselves
  • Stand and wait patiently as your dog sniffs around to find the right spot
  • When the puppy starts to relieve themselves, hold back your urge to praise them. You need to praise them once they’ve completely finished. But quietly encourage him or her as they go, using words that you will in the future use to encourage them to go. Some words might be: “Come one girl, go pee”, or “Hurry up, go pee”.
  • It is very important to stay consistent with the words you use. If you keep using the same phrases over and over again when they start to relieve themselves, your dog will learn to go whenever you say those magic words!
  • Once the puppy finishes, now is your big chance to praise and reward her. This is the time when you say in a super excited voice “Good Girl!” or “Good Boy!” and scratch them behind there ears or give them a big tummy rub. It also helps to give them a treat to reward them.

Remember, when you’re teaching your dog to go on command, always use the same phrase when they start to relieve themselves, and always praise them as soon as they finish.

Congratulations! You’ve just trained your dog how to “Go On Command”. Wasn’t that easy?

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