Ainu Dog

Ainu Dogs, Ainu Dog, Hokkaido DogA detailed profile of this northern Japanese hunting breed with many names including Ainu Dog, Ainu-Ken, Ainu Inu, Hokkaido Dog, Hakkaidoken.

Dog Breeds A to Z, – AAinu Dog Airedale Terrier Akbash Dog Akita Inu. Akita Shepherd Alano Espanol Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog Alaskan Husky Alaskan Klee Kai Alaskan Malamute Alopekis Alpine Dachsbracke

The Ainu, their Land & CultureAinu Dog: member of the spitz dog family including northern breeds. Ainu Language: various theories of the origin and relationship of Ainu with other language including Native American, Pacific Rim …

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Dogs of the WorldAinu by Anita. Country of Origin: Japan. Date of Origin: unknown. Characteristics: The name of this dog is Ainu. It came from Japan. The date of origin is unknown.

AINU DOG – Hokkaido-Inu Museum ?????????????????????The Hokkaido-Inu (Ainu Dog) is a Japanese dog breed that the Ainu people bred to use for hunting … ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? …

Ainu Dog @ – A Hosted Site … Ainu Dog. Height : 17-23 In. Weight: 40-70 Lbs. Coat: Medium Short, Thick, Stands Off With Undercoat. Color: Gray, Wolf-Gray, Light Tan, Brown, Red, White, Salt & Pepper, Sesame, Or Brindle.

Dog Breed PhotosAlso known as: Ainu-Ken, Ainu Inu, Hokkaido Dog, Hokkaidoken, Hokka??do: Origin: Unknown: Height: 18 to 22 inches: Weight: 45 to 65 lbs: Life Span: 11 to 13 years

A-Z The Dog Breeds Alphabet: from Hamilton Stovare to HovawartHokkaido, Ainu Inu, Ainu Dog, Ainu-Ken; Ainu Dog Picture Gallery – Dog-O-Mania (you can add your own dog’s pictures here) Shopping Network for Greyhounds in Need – Hokkaido, Ainu Inu, Ainu Dog, Ainu-Ken …

BREEDSAinu ( Ainu Dog, Ainu Ken ) Basset Artesian Normand ( Bassett Artesian Normand ) Canadian Eskimo Dog. Airedale Terrier. Basset Bleu de Gascogne. Cane Corso

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