American White Shepherd InformationAmerican White Shepherd, American-Canadian White Shepherd, White German Shepherd, Dog Breed … American White Shepherd Puppies for Sale. American White Shepherd (Berger Blanc Swiss) (American … Home of the American White Shepherd AssociationInformation about the history of the breed, health and rescue. Includes a chat room, message board, pedigree photo album, listing of events, and show results.

American White Shepherd AssociationFrequently Asked Questions IS THE WS PUREBRED? Yes. The White Shepherd has not been mixed with any other breed of dog from the time of its introduction to North America.

German Shepherd Dog – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaSee the American White Shepherd Association for more detail on the standards for the white shepherd or for white German Shepherd dogs see: WGSDCA The White German Shepherd Dog has been recognized by some …

Health TopicsIn the spring of 2000, the American White Shepherd Association sponsored a Health & Genetics survey of 1000 White Shepherds. The results were analyzed by Dr.

American White Shepherd Breeders, Dog Breed Information Center … Pine River Kennel .. WE HAVE PUPPIES Contact: Ruth 49 Devotion Rd Scotland CT 06264/0244 Phone: 860-456-7878 after 11:00am, but before 8:00pm; CT … The White German ShepherdThe American White Shepherd Association , founded in 1994, works for full acceptance of the White Shepherd as a separate and distinct breed in all major kennel clubs and registries.

Rare Breed: White Shepherd, White German ShepherdBreed Standard (Courtesy of The American White Shepherd Association) Breeders: Breed Club Information: American White Shepherd Association 633 East 150 South

Dog Breed PhotosThe American-Canadian White Shepherd looks just like a regular German Shepherd, except that its white in color. This breed is very friendly, loyal and watchful, it can be protective in appropriate …

White German ShepherdsWe are breeders of American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, and the American White Shepherd Association registered White German Shepherds. We are not a puppy mill!

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