Cesky Fousek

CESKY FOUSEK – InformationInformation and history of CESKY FOUSEK … GOATY 1 to 3 inches of bristly, rough outer hair, with thick …

Cesky Fousek Information, Cesky Fouseks, CFCesky Fousek, Dog Breed Information Center??, Cesky Fouseks, Rough-coated Bohemian Pointer, CF … Cesky Fousek Puppies for Sale. Cesky Fousek (Bohemian Wirehaired Pointing Griffon)

Cesky Fousek Pictures and Photos, 1Cesky Fousek Pictures and Photos, Dog Breed Information Center??, Cesky Fousek Pics, Cesky Fousek … Cesky Fousek Puppies for Sale. Cesky Fousek Pictures (Bohemian Wirehaired Pointing Griffon)

Home page of Cesky Fousek Cesky Fousek is a versatile gundog, family of wirehaired pointers. History of the breed, breed characteristics (body and soul), gundog qualities, addresses, standards.

Cesky FousekCesky Fousek. T his breed of working gundog belongs to the wire-haired family of dogs that are used extensively in Central Europe. Its name, Cesky Fousek comes from its country of origin …

Cesky Fousek Breeders, Dog Breed Information Center??, Cesky Fousek … Click the link to see the full ad

Frans VoslarWelkom op de website van de Cesky Fousek liefhebbers! Kampioensclubmatch van de CFVN op zondag 3 juni 2007 in Manege ???de Fruithof??? te Heteren. U bent ste bezoeker

Cesky FousekDe Cesky Fousek (spreek uit als: ???tsjeskie foosek??? ) is een jachthond behorend tot de familie van de ruwharige. Zijn geschiedenis reikt tot ver in het verleden, het is zelfs waarschijnlijk dat …

Cesky Fousekthe Cesky Fousek is a friendly, intelligent, and gentle natured dog which is affectionate, tractable … COUNTRY OF ORIGIN Czech Republic and Slovakia. MOST SUITED AS Field sports dog and family pet.

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