HERTHA POINTER – InformationInformation and history of HERTHA POINTER … COLOR: Yellow-orange; with small white markings on feet, tail tip …

Breeds of Dogs – a reference to the world of dogsInformation and history of Dogs … Although many beasts have served humanity throughout time, only one serves by choice.

Dogs – Pictures, Breeders, Puppies, Rescue, PhotosDogs pictures. Pictures of DOGS has great Dog pictures! New dog pictures added periodically! DOG pictures of interesting dogs. www.gotdogsonline.com

Pointer-SetterGrosser M??nsterl??nder Vorstehhund (Large M??nsterl??nder) Hertha Pointer Irish Red and White Setter : Irish Setter : Lagotto Romagnolo Large M??nsterl??nder

SportingHertha Pointer Irish Red and White Setter : Irish Setter : Irish Water Spaniel : Italian Spinoni (Spinone Italiano) Labrador Retriever

Hunting Dogs, Gun Dogs, Dogs you can Hunt withHertha Pointer (photo needed) Irish Red and White Setter. Irish Water Spaniel. Jindo. Kemmer Feist. Kooikerhondje. Labrador Retriever. Large M??nsterl??nder. Llewellin Setter (photo needed)

Dog Breeds A to Z, – HHertha Pointer (photo needed) Highland Maltie Himalayan Sheepdog (photo needed) Hokkaido Dog. Hanoverian Scenthound (photo needed) Hovawart Hungarian Greyhound (Magyar Agar)

Hertha pointerherthahund, gamle husdyrracer,biologisk mangfoldighed … Farvel til den gamle Herthahund af P. B. Skov . En nekrolog over Herthapointeren

Universal Kennel Club InternationalOne of America’s oldest and most respected kennel registeries. Registering dog for more than 60 years.

Dog Country Origin Chart – The Online Dog Encyclopedia – dogsindepth … Denmark ???Broholmer ???Old Danish Bird Dog ???Hertha Pointer ???Strellufstover: Dog Breeds of Denmark/Sweden ???Danish Chicken Dog: Dog Breeds of Egypt ???Greyhound

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