LITHUANIAN HOUND – InformationInformation and history of LITHUANIAN HOUND … COUNTRY: USSR HEIGHT: 21-24 inches COAT: Short and glossy COLOR: Black with dapples

LATVIAN HOUND – Informationlatvian hound leonberger leopard cur levesque lhasa apso lithuanian hound lowchen lundehund … country: ussr height: 16-19 inches coat: short, dense color: black and tan

Lithuanian Hound Information, Lithuanian HoundsLithuanian Hound, Dog Breed Information Center??, Lithuanian Hounds … Find a Lithuanian Hound Breeder Place an Ad: Rescue a Lithuanian Hound List Your Rescue

Scent HoundLatvian Hound Leopard Cur Lithuanian Hound Majestic Tree Hound Mountain View Cur Old Danish Bird Dog

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Open Directory – Recreation: Pets: Dogs: Breeds: Hound GroupItalian (3) Japanese (12) Lithuanian (3) Norwegian (4) Polish (46) Spanish (17) … Hound Breeds Webring – Connecting sites on all Hound Breeds. Listing of member sites. Hound Lovers …

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Languages, L. Learn Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian…Free lessons – Learn to read, write & converse in Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian and more. … Copyright 1997-2007 by Knowledge Hound, LLC. All rights reserved.

Universal Kennel Club InternationalOne of America’s oldest and most respected kennel registeries. Registering dog for more than 60 years.

BreedersLithuanian Hound Lowchen Lundehund:Swedish-Finnish Magyar Agar Majestic Tree Hound Mal-Tasa (Maltese-Lhasa) Maltese Manchester Terrier Maremma Sheepdog Mastiff

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