Black Russian Terrier breeder – Sentinel BRT – WashingtonTchiorny Terrier", "Chornyi", "Terrier Noir Russe", or "Russian Bear Schnauzer" Russia’s military dog . Breeder from the Pacific Northwest: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia and more!

Giant Schnauzer Puppies for Sale, Giant Schnauzer BreedersFirst exhibited in Munich in 1909, they were called the Russian Bear Schnauzer. Giant Schnauzers are intelligent, protective, loyal, good with children and very reliable.

BLACK RUSSIAN TERRIER – InformationIt is interesting to note that in times past, the Giant Schnauzer was often called the Russian Bear Schnauzer, indicating the breed’s widespread use in the USSR.

Giant Schnauzer Information, Giant SchnauzersOrigin: Known over history as the Russian Bear Schnauzer, Munich Schnauzer and Riesenschnauzer, the Giant Schnauzer is thought to have come from crosses between dogs such as the black Great Dane …

Black Russian Terrier InformationBlack Russian Terrier, Dog Breed Information Center??, Chornyi, Terrier Noir Russe, Russian Bear Schnauzer

Dog Pictures – Giant SchnauzerThe giant schnauzer has also been known as Russian bear schnauzer, Munich schnauzer and riesenschnauzer….. Find out more about this dog breed . Additional Giant Schnauzer Pictures

Giant SchnauzerIt was first shown in Munich in October 1909 under the name ‘Russian bear Schnauzer’, the breed being classified as a working dog in 1925. Giant Schnauzer Puppies

TerrierPrazsky Krysavik Rat Terrier Russian Bear Schnauzer (see Black Russian Terrier) Russian Toy Terrier Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka : Miniature Schnauzer

WorkingRajapalyam Hound (Indian Boarhound) Russian Bear Schnauzer (see Black Russian Terrier) Russo-European Laika Sage Ashayeri Sage Koochee …

Giant Schnauzer … Russian Bear Schnauzer (early 1900s) … The Giant Schnauzer is a large, powerful, compact breed of dog. It is one of several …

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