Dog Training Information

Dog and puppy training, dog behavior training and dog obedience training

Are you looking to train your dog? Is your dog ignoring you? Are you embarrassed by your dogs’ behavior? The following pages describe specific dog training methods and tips to help you train your dog or puppy.

If you are looking for information on dog behavior training, dog obedience training and puppy training, take a look at our dog training sections:

Dog Training Classes

When it comes time to train your new puppy or dog, you are left with the dilemma as to which method of dog training is best for you. Some people prefer to train their dog themselves over sending their dog to a dog training school. The main advantage of taking on the responsibility of training […]

Understanding Dog Packs

This section will explain how dogs relate to one another, how their pack behavior affects their relationships with people and it will explain the concept of social hierarchy in a dog pack. Dogs were domesticated from wolves, and like wolves, dogs are inherently pack animals that live in a very strong social structure with a […]

A Healthy Dog Is A Trainable Dog

The single most important thing to consider when selecting a dog is their health. A healthy dog means a happy dog. A happy dog means everyone’s happy. When it comes time to train your dog, its health is number one priority. This section will explain some of the things to look for in a health […]

Can All Dogs Be Trained?

Some dogs are harder to train then others. If you understand what makes some dogs different from others, it can help greatly when it comes time to train them. This section will explain some of the differences between male and female dogs and it will also outline some important questions to ask when selecting you […]

Training Your Dog To Pee On Command

This section will teach you step-by-step how to train your dog to go potty on command. Pee Dog Pee! You may have noticed some people can get their dogs to relieve themselves whenever they tell them to. This is often referred to as “Going-on-Command”. Imagine being in a situation where you’re running late for an […]

House Training Your Dog

This section will explain why dogs relieve themselves the way they do and it will explain how to train your dog to go to the bathroom in the right place. Puppies, Dogs and Pee Some of the first questions dog owners ask themselves when trying to house train their dog is: Why does my dog […]