Can All Dogs Be Trained?

Some dogs are harder to train then others. If you understand what makes some dogs different from others, it can help greatly when it comes time to train them. This section will explain some of the differences between male and female dogs and it will also outline some important questions to ask when selecting you new pet.

Dog Selection – Boy or Girl?

Some people spend a lot of time trying to decide which gender of dog they want.

  • Will a female dog be more sensitive, friendly and easier to train?
  • Will a male dog be more rugged, tough and harder to train?

Most first time, dog owners seem to want a female because they feel they will be more obedient, friendlier, and ultimately a lot less trouble to train then the male dogs. You may be surprised, but this is not completely true.

The reality is gender doesn’t fully describe the personality of your new puppy or the difficulty you may or may not have when trying to train them. A dog’s personality is unique, just as a human’s personality differs from person to person. People come in all shapes and sizes, and all different types of personality characteristics – regardless of their gender. The same applies to dogs.

You can find a very companionate male dog, and a very tough, vicious female dog (or bitches – as they’re known in the dog world). As with humans, a few generalizations can be made, but it’s the individual characteristics that make up the dog.

Regardless of gender, dog characteristics will differ (even between other dog breeds), so it’s important to select a puppy that’s right for you. Unless you are thinking of starting to breed dogs, dog gender shouldn’t be the deciding factor when it comes to selecting your new dog. The most important thing to consider when picking a puppy or dog is the dog’s health and their temperament.

When it comes to training a dog, the single most important thing to consider is the type or breed of dog. Certain breeds are easier to train while other breeds may not possess the intellect or desire to be trained. It is true that breeds differ in behavior but ultimately some breeds are instinctively more obedient then others.

As a side note, in the event you do want to start breeding dogs, you should start with a female dog. When it comes to dog breeding, the female dog has the pick of which dog it breeds with. If you are less interested in breeding and more interested in a show dog, males tend to do better in the competitions due to their shinny coats and muscular builds.

When selecting your new dog, you need to ask yourself some practical questions:

  • How easy is it to train this dog?
  • How big will this dog get?
  • How does this dog get along with children?
  • How does this dog get along with other animals?
  • How much exercise does this dog need?
  • What type and how much food does this dog need?
  • What living conditions are suitable for this dog?
  • What are the possible health problems this dog can develop?
  • What are the grooming needs of this dog?
  • Can the dog be left alone at home?
  • Does the dog have a tendency to bark all night?

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