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Alano Espanol Information, Spanish AlanoAlano Espanol, Spanish Alano, Dog Breed Information Center??, Alano Espanols, Spanish Alanos … Alano Espanol Puppies for Sale. Alano Espanol (Spanish Alano) (Spanish Bulldog)

AUTHENTIC ALANO ESPANOLBreeding the rare impressive Spanish Alano. Below you will find the Alano’s History, historic photos and recent photos of excellent subjects …

AUTHENTIC ALANO ESPANOLBreeding the rare impressive Spanish Alano … Aura. Born June 2004. Daughter of Estrella X Arte. Fawn Black mask

Contents, Spanish AlanoTigre" Breeder: Alanhis : My appreciation to all of the dog breeders who are fighting for this breed, for example Manuel Jaren Nebot and Pedro Luis Martinez.

Contenido, Alano EspanolTigre" Prop.: Alanhis : Mi agradecimiento a todos los criadores que luchan por esta raza, como por ejemplo Manuel Jaren Nebot y Pedro Luis Mart??nez.

Delclandon criador de Alano Espanol, Teckel y JagdterrierCria y selecci??n de Alano Espanol, Teckel y Deutscher Jagdterrier. Excelentes raza de caza y compa????a

Alano Espanol Dogs | Alano Espanol Dog Breed & Breeders, Dog Training … Dog Breeds, Dog Training, Dog Names, Dog Pictures, Dog Food… …

Alano EspanolAlano Espanol Information and Statistics. Learn everything about the Alano Espanol breed! … Alano Espanol or Spanish Bulldog this Spanish breed of dog that derives its name from the Alans.

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All About Bulldogs PageThe Spaniards did early discover, explore, occupy, and colonizated new land and areas, and in their travels to close and far places they often did bring the Alano Espanol with them.

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