Australian Shepherd – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe Australian Shepherd is a working dog that was developed in the United States in the 19th century. The dog, commonly known as an Aussie, is popular in its native California and is growing in …

Miniature Australian Shepherd – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaRed tricolor Miniature Aussie: Alternative names; North American Shepherd (obsolete) Country of origin; United States: Common nicknames; Mini Aussie: Classification and breed standards

USASA Australian Shepherd Home PageAKC parent club for the Australian Shepherd. Breed information, membership, club and show information.

About AussiesWelcome to the Official Home Page of the United States Australian Shepherd Association and affiliate … Australian Shepherd breed characteristics and temperament TEMPERAMENT. The Australian Shepherd …

Australian Shepherd Club of America, inc | ASCA InformationBreed information, registry, show information, breeders directory. The largest single breed registry in the United States.

Australian Shepherd Rescue PageMany listings of available dogs from various organizations and independent rescue groups. Lots of pictures including Aussie mixes.

American Kennel Club – Australian Shepherd dog dogs puppy puppiesThe Australian Shepherd is an intelligent working dog of strong herding and guarding instincts. … Australian Shepherd Breed Standard Herding Group General Appearance The Australian Shepherd is an …

Australian Shepherd InformationAustralian Shepherd, Australischer Sch??ferhund, Dog Breed Information Center??, Dog Breeders, Dogs … Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale. Australian Shepherd ( Australischer Sch??ferhund) (Aussie)

Australian Shepherd InformationWhat is Aussie Style? Illustrated Examples of Style: Breed Comparisons: Structure and Movement From a Functional Standpoint: Aussie Photos: The "Eye" Issue

Australian ShepherdAustralia: Ngalla Collie Rough Australian Shepherds Norwegian Forest Cats

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