Coydog – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaA coydog is the hybrid offspring of a male coyote (Canis latrans) and a female dog (Canis lupus familiaris). Together they are genetically capable of producing fertile young. The dogote, a similar …

COYDOGCoydog is my little vehicle for the various projects I set off on. Lately, they’ve been mostly related to music (Bluegrass). Check out my Projects page for info.

COYDOG: LinksSome Other Sites I’m Involved With: Homespun Rowdy: Coydog Cases: Some Sites I Frequent: Mandolin Cafe:

Coydog – About the Coyote Dog Hybrid BreedA little about the coydog and a picture of a possible coyote shepard dog mix. … The existence of true coyote dog hybrids, also known as coydogs or dogotes, is often the subject of …

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Arrowflight – Coydog PressYou may ask: "Why a line from the Koran to title your next book? Well, when you see the SECOND part of this book, you’ll understand. But first things first.

Coydog Press HomepageOriginal in the extreme…" – Dave Sim "The art is very high caliber…It’s very professionally put together and intelligently written…" – Rich Watson,

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