East Siberian Laika Information, East Siberian LaikasEast Siberian Laika, Dog Breed Information Center??, East Siberian Laikas … Retu. Tahvo . Retu at 9 weeks old . 10-11 week old East Siberian Laika female puppy Named Vella

SIBERIAN LAIKAS – InformationEast Siberian Laika COUNTRY: USSR WEIGHT: 40-50 pounds HEIGHT: 22-25 inches COAT: Short, stand-off COLOR: Usually black or black piebald; tan or white allowed

Russkaja Laika_Sitemap … breed description Russian article – Translation of a Russian article about the West Siberian Laika ??? East Siberian Laika – Detailed …

Spitz – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaOrigins. The exact origins of spitz-type dogs are not known, though most of the spitz-types … East Siberian Laika: Eurasier: Finnish Lapphund: Finnish Spitz: German Spitz: Greenland Dog

East Siberian laika @ wtnwdabreeds.bravehost.com – A Bravenet.com … East Siberian Laika . Height : 22-25 In. Weight: 40-53 Lbs. Coat: Short And Stand-Off . Color: Mostly Black Or Black Piebald; White Or Tan Is Allowed. Head: Covered in short fur and proportioned to …

Northern Dog Breeds @ WorkingDogWeb West Siberian Laika, East Siberian Laika, Russo-European Laika and Finno-Karelian Laika. More on the latter breed, the Karelian Bear Dog , comparing it to the Russo-European Laika.

Amazon.com: Hunting Laika Breeds of Russia: Books: Vladimir BeregovoyThe Karelo-Finnish Laika The Russo-European Laika The West Siberian Laika The East Siberian Laika Their origins, descriptions of the appearance, character, hunting methods and bibliography.

B??cherlisteAlle aufgef??hrten B??cher behandeln das Thema Jagd mit den Laikarassen: Russian-European Laika, West Siberian Laika und East Siberian Laika! S htilmark, F. 1972.

www.s96292612.onlinehome.usEast Siberian Laika : List Profile Standard …

P.A.D.S. – BreedsWest Siberian Laika. East Siberian Laika. Greenland Dog (Greenland) Eskimo Dog (Arctic) Prick-Eared Hounds Group. Cirneco Dell Etna (Sicily) Ibizan (Majorca) (related Podenco Canario considered same breed)

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