German Spitz Information, German Spitzs, Deutscher SpitzsGerman Spitz, Dog Breed Information Center??, Deutscher Spitz, German Spitzs, Deutscher Spitzs … Small German Spitz Puppies for Sale. German Spitz Small (Toy German Spitz) (German Spitz Klein) …

German Spitz Information, German Spitzs, Deutscher SpitzsThe Miniature or Small German Spitz (Klein) often gets confused with the Pomeranians (Zwers). German Spitz are the oldest breeds of dog in Central Europe.

Klein German Spitz Information & Pictures – Klein German Spitz DogsIts small feet have hair between the toes, and its body is small and compact. The height of the Klein German Spitz ranges between 9-11 inches, and the weight ranges from 18-22 pounds.

Mittel German Spitz Information & Pictures – Mittel German Spitz DogsIt has large eyes, a watchful expression, and small feet with hair between the toes. The weight of the Mittel German Spitz ranges between 23-41 pounds, and the height between 11.5-14 inches.

History of the German Spitz Breeds.Early history of this small working breed protecting wagons or barges of goods, as well as its recent history in England.

German Spitz German Spitz . The Small German Spitz is the small variety of the Great German Spitz (Gross-spitz). The only difference between the types is in size; characterisitcs and conformation are the same.

Spitz – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaSmall ears help reduce the risk of frostbite and thick fur grows on the paws to protect the dogs … The Keeshond, originally the Wolfspitz variation of the German Spitz , widely known as the national dog …

Group 5/4 & 5: Spitz Type|European & AsianSmall German Spitz – 7 lbs. minimum. 8.5"-11" Solid colors; black, white, brown, wolf-grey, or orange. Toy German Spitz/Pomeranian – Under 7 lbs. Under 8.5" All solid colors.

German Spitz would be two sizes of German spitz to be called Klein (small) and Mittel (middle) and any progeny from the ‘First four dogs could be added to the German spitz register.

German Spitz at Kaynine OnlineThe German Spitz come in two sizes Mittel (meaning middle) 29 – 35 cm and Klein (meaning small) 23 – 28 cm. Temperament The German Spitz is always attentive, lively and devoted to the family.

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