Gollie, Gollies, Golden Retriever Collie HybridGollie, Gollies, Golden Retriever Collie Hybrid, Dog Breed Info Center?? … Gollie Puppies for Sale. Gollie . Collie / Golden Retriever Hybrid. The Gollie is not a purebred dog.


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Gollie Breeders, Dog Breed Information Center??, Gollie PuppiesGollie Puppies Contact: Monica & Jamie Wilmington DE Phone: 302-388-3549 Fax: 302-762-2308; DE …

PhotoGalleryGollie #1: Gollie #2: Gollie #3: Male "Brody" SOLD larger view: Male "Smokey" SOLD larger view: Female "Minney" SOLD larger view: Gollie #4: Gollie #5: Gollie #6: Gollie #7: Female

FAQsCollie Trivia: The most used origin of the word "Coll" is the Anglo-Saxon word for Black. Collie Sire – Gabe: Golden Retriever Dam – Grace: Gollie – from Gabe & Grace’s 04/02/06 litter

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