American Kennel Club – Otterhound dog dogs puppy puppiesThe Otterhound is a large, rough-coated hound with an imposing head showing great strength and … Otterhound Breed Standard Hound Group General Appearance The Otterhound is a large, rough-coated …

Otterhound Information, OtterhoundsExcellent photograph and description of Otterhounds, with links to nine national Kennel Clubs

Otterhound Club of AmericaOtterhounds can make great pets, if – – you have a sense of humor (and a fair amount of patience). – you aren’t obsessed with keeping your house/clothes spotless.

Otterhound Photo & Video Albumsclick to go to the corresponding album National Specialty Winners Otterhound Puppies Photos of Otterhounds as Pups then Adults Funny Faces!

otterhound_fanciers : Otterhound Fanciers otterhound_fanciers: Otterhound Fanciers … A list for anyone that would like to share stories and pictures about their otterhounds or learn …

Otterhound Puppies for Sale, Otterhound BreedersOtterhound puppies for sale from a reputable Otterhound breeder. Breeders may advertise their … You are here: Home > Dogs > Otterhound Puppies for Sale: Otterhound Breeders

Otterhound pictue, rescue information, Otterhound dogs and puppies for … Background on the Otterhound and finding a healthy happy puppy for sale. … The Otterhound Friendly and Endearing England is the country where the Otterhound was

The Westminster Kennel Club | Breed Information: OtterhoundOTTERHOUND Originally used in England as pack hound to trail and kill otter that were said to interfere with trout and salmon fishing, the Otterhound hunted its quarry on land and water.

OtterhoundOtterhound Dogs … Free Gift – for each order placed today. ??? Mother’s Day – May 13

Choosing an OtterhoundThe otterhound is a big shaggy dog that loves to swim. Originally bred to hunt otters, the breed is a wonderful family companion but is a rare breed. History and Origin The otterhound originated in …

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