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Dog Breeds A to Z, – P – QPekalier. Peke-A-Chon. Peke-A-Pap. Peke-A-Pin Peke-A-Tese. Pekehund Pekepoo Pekingese Pembroke Welsh Corgi Pencil-tail Feist (photo needed) Perdiguero de Burgos (photo needed)

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Canine’s Corner – An online resource for canine rescue – Breeds "P"Papastzu; Paperanian; Papi-poo; Papi Tzu; Papichon; Papillon; Papitese; Papshund; Parnell’s Carolina Cur; Pariah Dog; Parson Russell Terrier; Patterdale Terrier; Patterland Terrier; Peagle; Peek-A-Pom; Pekalier; Peke-A-Chon; Peke-A …

Designer Dogs – Your Guide to Hybrid Dog BreedsCavalier King Charles-Papillon : Cava-lon : Cavalier King Charles-Pekingese : Pekalier ; Cavalier King Charles-Poodle : Cavapoo : Cavalier King Charles-Shih Tzu: Cava-Tzu

Lisa Shea Forum: I am in LOVE!!!!Keet: Piccolo 4-21-07 Fur baby: Molly the Pekalier (Pekingese/King Charles Cavalier)

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