Plica SyndromeA plica is a thin wall of fibrous tissue that are extensions of the synovial capsule of the knee. During fetal development, the knee is divided into three (3) separate compartments.

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Plica SyndromeOrthopedics: Knee: Plica … Definitions (based on arthroscopy) Pleats of synovial lining of the knee Four Plicae

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Plica ProtectYou, the professional are far better able to spot the problem: Is it an ingrown toenail? Are there corns in the nail groove? Are there corns in the nail groove?

Plica ProtectClick on the photo to enlarge view: The PLICA is gripped between two fingers. In this way, it cannot dislodge and you can push the nail wall away effortlessly.

Plica SyndromeResearched by NOAH Contributing Editor: Deborah Magnan, Hackensack University Medical Center

Synovial PlicaSynovial Plica … What is a Synovial Plica? The knee joint is lubricated with a substance called synovial fluid.

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Plica SyndromeDr. Alimorad Farshchian from The Center for Regenerative Medicine and developer of Genorthix … Plica Syndrome September 21st 2005 . A patient with no history of knee problem in the past …

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