StabyhounCONTACT: Marilene Luxton-Jones. Phone 802-985-8223.

Ameri-Can Stabyhoun AssociationAmeri-Can Stabyhoun Association … Welcome to the home of the Stabyhoun Association for the United States and Canada.

Stabyhoun Information, Stabijhoun, Stabyhouns, StabijhounsStabyhoun, Dog Breed Information Center??, Stabijhoun, Stabyhouns, Stabijhouns … Stabyhoun Puppies for Sale. Stabyhoun (Stabijhoun) (Dutch Stabyhoun) ( Friesian Pointer)

STABYHOUN – InformationInformation and history of STABYHOUN … COUNTRY: Netherlands WEIGHT: 33-44 pounds HEIGHT: 19V2-21 inches

American Kennel Club – Stabyhoun dog dogs puppy puppiesStabyhoun … Foundation Stock Service Eligible Registries: Any Acceptable Domestic or Foreign Registry

Stabyhoun Stabyhoun The Stabyhoun is one of the most popular dogs in its native Netherlands but is little known elsewhere in the world. This is an excellent, all-purpose sporting dog, nowadays kept mainly as …

Stabyhoun In The UKAnything related to Stabyhoun, the Dutch rare breed that we are hoping to get more of in the UK. … NEWS: Have spoken to the UK Kennel Club, and they will send us information on how to …

The StabyhounIt is both a soft-mouthed retriever and a pointer that is particularly useful for hunting ducks and upland birds. It is a fine retriever, and water work is one of its fortes.

Rare Breed Network Dog Breeds – StabyhounThe Stabyhoun at a glance, presented by the Rare Breed Network.

StabyhounStabyhoun er en dejlige, k??rlig og nem hollandsk familiehund og jagthund. Her er en oversigt over … A number of Stabyhoun owners in Denmark have opened this website. We have established a club DASK …

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